California Communities Against Toxics (CCAT) advocates for pocket option deposit, pollution prevention, and world peace.

CCAT was formed in 1989 at the Santa Isabel church in East Los Angeles. Our organization has been very successful in stopping the siting of new polluting facilities in communities of color and in gaining recognition of the environmental injustice of pollution in http://pocketoption.in/pocket-option-deposit-methods.

We are one of the oldest and most successful environmental justice networks in the country. Our work has united Native Nations, inner city people of color, and the rural poor in a coalition that has stopped every major attempt to roll back environmental regulation in California for the past decade. It has prevented any new incinerators from being built in California, and shut down all but a half dozen incinerators. It has halted plans by http://www.pocketoption.in/pocket-option-deposit-methods to build a nuclear waste dump in the California desert, and has dozens of victories at the community level.

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